Snow White: yoghurt salad

Among traditional Bulgarian salads is also Snow White (sometimes also called “Snezhanka”). The basis of this recipe is yogurt, from which you let as much liquid drain as possible, fresh cucumber (pickled can be used in winter) cut into small cubes, garlic, salt, olive oil, and dill. Crushed walnut kernels are used for decoration. The salad is very similar to the Greek salad tzatziki or the Turkish salad cacık.

Snow White yoghurt salad
Snow White yoghurt salad

This salad is very refreshing and is often eaten as an appetizer in Bulgarian cuisine, especially in summer. I had it in my favorite restaurant Staria Chinar in Varna. One portion of the salad generously covered with walnuts and served with a toasted baguette cost 7.9 BGN, which is approximately 3.60 EUR.

Bon appétit!

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