Bol renversé aka magic bowl

Bol renversé is another specialty of Mauritian cuisine, and it’s a dish that comes with a bit of culinary show. They will bring a plate to your table with a bowl “just” upside down on it.

Bol renversé - before opening

Immediately after placing it on the table, the waiter skillfully flips the bowl over. Everything is hot, and the guest could easily burn themselves on the bowl.

Bol renversé - lifting the bowl

On the plate, you will first see a layer of sauce followed by rice, sautéed vegetables, meat (you can choose between chicken, beef, or shrimp), and a fried egg on top.

Bol renversé - lifting the bowl

Bol renversé is an exceptionally tasty dish for me because Mauritian cuisine is quite carbohydrate-heavy, and this dish has more meat, and it’s not even fried. One serving of bol renversé with chicken, lots of vegetables, and a fried egg at the top cost me 170 MUR, which is about 3.60 EUR at the Nam Wah Snack bistro.

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