Bistro Nam Wah Snack, Flic en Flac

Bistro Nam Wah Snack was the first place I went to eat after arriving in Mauritius. Since then, I have visited it many times thanks to the deliciously flavored dishes, reasonable prices, and cleanliness inside.

Noodles with chicken and sunny-side-up egg

The bistro’s menu includes the most popular dishes in Mauritius – boiled and fried noodles, fried rice, bol renversé, and a wide variety of dumplings in broth. If an ingredient is unavailable later in the afternoon, they can flexibly respond to requests – the photo above shows an unconventional bol renversé with sold-out rice replaced by noodles – the taste was also excellent.

Broth with wonton dumplings

The broth with ten wonton dumplings for 140 MUR, or about 3 EUR, was also excellent. The meat filling inside the dumplings was wonderfully flavored, the chicken broth was strong and beautifully clear. I would expect that the last thing one would want in thirty-degree weather is hot broth, but surprisingly it is a popular dish and I ordered it in various versions several more times.

Fried noodles with chicken and sliced egg omelette

Thanks to the better facilities, the meat for each order is fried separately and is not prepared in advance as it is at beachfront stalls (for example, at the Ti Kabann bistro). The meat’s taste is noticeable, juicy and tender. Similarly, eggs can also be served sunny-side-up, with the yolk still runny.

Bistro Nam Wah Snack

Bistro Nam Wah Snack also makes and sells Mauritian delicacies, such as local spring rolls hakien or very spicy stuffed peppers. Inside the clean bistro, there is plenty of seating and powerful fans, the staff speaks fluent English, but card payment is not possible. All food can be taken away. When you return from the beautiful beach, try stopping here for a late lunch. You may start coming back regularly and gradually taste the entire menu.

Bon appétit!

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