Mauritian fruit and vegetable salads

Mauritius is not only an island with crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches, but also an island of great fruit. Exotic fruit grows everywhere here, and so for us unusual fruit and vegetable salads are prepared here.

Mango and lychee salad
Mango and lychee salad

The first unusual salad I tasted was a mango and lychee salad. The fruit was cut into small cubes and complemented with green and red peppers and coriander. A magnificent combination of soft fruit and crunchy vegetables.

Satini Pomme d'Amour salad
Satini Pomme d’Amour salad

Another interesting vegetable salad is the Mauritian salad called “Satini Pomme d’Amour”. It consists of ingredients that are easily available even here – finely chopped tomatoes, onions, coriander, and salt, pepper, and oil are used for seasoning.

Bon appetit!