Rasgulla: Sweet Fried Balls

Rasgulla are balls made of dough that contains a high percentage of dried milk, and milk is also added to it when flour is incorporated. The dough is therefore quite similar to dough for cottage cheese dumplings, and the milk is very noticeable in it. Rasgulla originally comes from India, but the preparation differs in Mauritius. Raw balls are not directly boiled in sugar syrup here, but first fried until golden brown and then soaked in a syrup of sugar and spices.


I’m not a big fan of desserts made of fried dough that are soaked in sugar syrup, as it seems to me like just eating sugar and fat. But Rasgulla is different. Thanks to the high milk content, it reminds me more of fried curd cheese balls, and I really like curd cheese. A simple recipe for those who are interested can be found here:

If you like fried sweets and milk or curd cheese, try tasting rasgulla balls. Maybe you’ll change your mind about fried dough soaked in sugar syrup like I did.

Bon appetit!