Sagoo au Lait: Sweet Milk with Tapioca

As a little child, I loved vanilla or chocolate pudding. I enjoyed eating it while it was still warm and runny. A dessert that is remotely similar to liquid pudding is the Mauritian delicacy called Sagoo au Lait. The dessert is made from milk (it can also be coconut milk), condensed milk, tapioca pearls, and spices.

Sagoo au Lait
Sagoo au Lait

It is easy to prepare this dessert even here, tapioca pearls can be found, for example, in Asian grocery stores. You can find the recipe and instructions in the video:

If you don’t come across Sagoo au Lait in a restaurant, you can also buy it at the supermarket, one bottle costs 30 MUR, which is approximately 0.60 Eur. If you like desserts similar to pudding, definitely give Sagoo au Lait a try.

Bon appetit!