Napolitaine: Pink Biscuit

You will undoubtedly come across the pink Napolitaine biscuit during your gastronomic wanderings on the island of Mauritius, as it is impossible to miss due to its color. Despite its name, which might evoke similarities with Naples, it is actually a typical Mauritian dessert. The Napolitaine consists of two buttery biscuits filled with strawberry jam, which are then covered in pink sugar icing that hardens and holds everything together.

Napolitaine biscuit
Napolitaine biscuit

Although the biscuit is most easily found in bakeries, it does not spoil quickly, so it is also sold by snack sellers along the coast. I bought mine at a small bakery in Quatre Bornes for 40 MUR, which is approximately 0.80 EUR. The biscuit is quite large and can easily serve as a small snack.

For those interested, the preparation process is explained in this clear video recipe:


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