Katak aka roasted pepper salad

Katak is a dairy product similar to cheese with a salty and sour taste. It is traditionally made from sheep’s milk. It is prepared by cooking the milk in a water bath, which is then left in a dark and cool place, stirring for several days in a row. No rennet is added, just salt. The resulting product has a very long shelf life.

However, under this name, there is also a salad, the basis of which is the aforementioned dairy product and roasted red peppers. Together with other spices and dried sweet paprika, a very thick spread is prepared, which is consumed, for example, as an appetizer.

Katak, roasted pepper salad

I had the Katak salad at my favorite restaurant Staria Chinar in Varna. One well-seasoned portion of salad with toasted baguette cost 8.5 BGN, which is approximately 4 EUR. I didn’t know about Katak until my last visit to Bulgaria, but now I would never miss it. It tastes great.

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