Spa waffers

A visit to Karlovy Vary in Czech Republic is not complete without tasting the local spa wafers. Typical spa wafers are two very thin (almost transparent) round slices joined together with a sweet filling in between. The filling can be chocolate, nut, vanilla, cinnamon… The seller can heat the wafers in a special device just before consumption, so they can also be eaten warm.

Spa wafers

Spa wafers are very popular among visitors to spa towns such as Karlovy Vary, Mariánské Lázně, or Luhačovice. Practically in every such town, you can find several wafer manufacturers. The first mention of wafers from Karlovy Vary dates back to 1788. Karlovy Vary wafers are a product with a protected geographical indication. Only products containing Karlovy Vary thermal water can be labeled with this name.