Tekwa aka sweet pocket stuffed with peas

Tekwa is one of the most interesting things I have tasted in Mauritius. I bought it blindly, having no idea what it was. This type of purchase often works out, but sometimes it doesn’t. However, I would recommend that everyone who visits Mauritius try tekwa and not be afraid to try something new.

Tekwa - sweet pea-filled pocket

Tekwa is a fried pocket filled with a sweet mixture of yellow peas and fennel seeds. The combination of yellow peas, fennel, and sugar may sound wild, but trust me, it’s a delicious dish. Although tekwa is fried, it’s not greasy and therefore not a heavy meal.

Tekwa - sweet pea-filled pocket

The preparation is not complicated. Yellow split peas are cooked in water with fennel seeds until they are soft. Then they are drained and the liquid is set aside. The cooked peas are ground into a powder in a blender, and sugar and dried grated coconut are added. The dough is made from flour and the pea broth, with added dried milk, fennel seeds, sugar, baking powder, and butter. The kneaded dough is divided into balls the size of an egg, flattened with fingers into a patty, filled with pea filling, and then closed into a ball again and rolled out into a patty that is fried in oil. For those interested, a detailed recipe for tekwa can be found here:

Tekwa is the most interesting new flavor for me that I have tasted in Mauritius and I would love to try it home.

Tekwa at the market

Tekwa is sold still warm and wrapped in a bag. I bought two pieces of tekwa for 25 MUR, which is about 0.50 EUR at the Quatre Bornes market, but you can also find it elsewhere. If you are not afraid of new flavors, definitely try tekwa!

Accommodation in Mauritius
I wholeheartedly recommend the Seastar Hotel in Flic en Flac, just a short walk from a beautiful beach. The hotel is new, the breakfasts are great, and you almost always have an amazing hot tub on the roof terrace all to yourself! The last time I stayed here was in December 2022 and I will return again.