Bistro Kot Ti Baz, Flic en Flac

The bistro called Kot Ti Baz (Small Base) charmed me with the simplicity of the conditions in which it was able to prepare delicious food and an incredible degree of improvisation.

Bistro Kot Ti Baz

The bistro offers basic dishes, such as stuffed paratha flatbreads, boiled or fried noodles. The kitchen equipment is really basic, including just one refrigerator, a gas stove, and a miniature work surface for preparing meals. The kitchen is partially open, so if you ask, you can watch the food being prepared.

Bistro Kot Ti Baz - menu

The menu seemed to be created in an absolutely magical way. I admit that I haven’t seen such a handwritten and also edited offer for a long time. To convert to EUR, you need to divide the prices on the board by 50.

Bistro Kot Ti Baz - interior

Similarly, the conditions in which it was possible to eat the food right on the spot are just basic. You can also take the food with you (I always did it that way).

Bistro Kot Ti Baz - interior

In front of the entrance to the bistro, there a giant steamer all day, in which popular Mauritian dumplings were prepared.

Bistro Kot Ti Baz - message to guests

Everyone wants food with a story, and the story of this establishment sounds nice. A very loose translation reads: “My Mauritian story. Hello everyone, I am a grandmother and the idea of ​​my own business comes from my four-year-old grandson. He always came to me and said, ‘I’m always hungry at grandma’s.’ This inspired me, and so I started my own business. Thank you for your attention.”

Bistro Kot Ti Baz - farata

The simplicity of the establishment does not detract from the fact that the paratha flatbreads from here are excellent. I bought a lot of them here, whether with vegetarian filling or with a meat mixture. All were delicious. The vegetarian paratha costs 25 MUR (approx. 0.50 EUR), and the flatbread with chicken mixture costs 60 MUR (1.20 EUR).

To be honest – you won’t come to Flic en Flac just for this bistro. But when you are already here, it is one of the best options for enjoying a great paratha in the town center (about a kilometer from here, the bistro Farata Aka Vinoda also offers great paratha on the coast).

The cook does not speak English, but communication is not a problem. Payment is possible only in cash. Bistro Kot Ti Baz is not listed on maps, but you can find it on one of the main streets in Flic en Flac – Coastal Road, near the bistro Nam Wah Snack.

Bon appétit!