Boulettes aka Mauritian dumplings

Boulettes are another favorite Mauritian street food. They are small dumplings prepared in large steam pots. The dumplings can be made from finely ground fish meat, chicken, beef, shrimp or vegetables. Among the most popular are dumplings made from local vegetable “chou chou” – chayote.

Boulettes or Mauritian dumplings

The dumplings are sold individually and can be enjoyed in several ways. People usually order two or three of their favorite dumplings along with boiled noodles and consume them together. However, it is also possible to choose a larger quantity of dumplings (for example, ten) and have them served with a strong clear chicken broth, which is usually prepared in a large pot right next to the dumplings. In this case, the dumplings are consumed as part of the soup.

Boulettes or Mauritian dumplings

And the last option is to consume a larger quantity of dumplings alone with various sauces, chili paste, sprinkled with fresh spring onions. This option was my favorite.

Preparing boulettes

The price of the dumplings varies depending on what they are made of, but it is not a high amount. A large portion of dumplings in the picture along with sauces cost 250 MUR, which is approximately 5 EUR. These are from the Kot Ti Baz bistro (not on the map), which is located in the center of the town of Flic en Flac. However, you can find boulettes almost everywhere.

Bon appetit!