Riz frit aka fried rice

Riz Frit aka fried rice is a dish that is popular in many countries around the world, including Mauritius. Fried rice probably originated in China, where it was created as a way to use up leftover rice. Because the Chinese were a significant portion of immigrants who came to Mauritius for work in the past, they brought this recipe with them.

Fried rice

Preparation is easy: pre-cooked rice is fried with various ingredients such as vegetables, egg, meat, or seafood. Together with spices, a tasty and hearty dish is created that is quick and easy to prepare. This dish is very similar to Czech risotto. The variation that I tasted, in addition, could be described as diet-friendly – although the rice was fried, there wasn’t much fat in the dish, and it was easily digestible.

Chilli sauce

Just like with fried noodles or bol renversé, locals in Mauritius like to add a generous portion of chilli sauce to their riz frit, which is available on all tables. One portion of fried rice with chicken and egg at the Nam Wah Snack bistro cost 170 MUR (about 3.60 EUR).

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